Wildview TK40 No-Glo Scouting Camera Review

WildviewTK40review-large1-242x300The Wildview TK40 No-Glo is one of the basic entry level trail cameras available in the market today. Do not expect fancy options from this model though as it only comes with functional standard features. It is equipped with simple switches to let you shift between functions.

One standout feature of this trail camera is its no glow flash. It one of the most affordable no glow cameras in the market at present, giving you the best value for your money. It is not much, but the objects are visible. This camera is not so ideal if you are planning to use it for security purposes.

Because it has a simple design, it is quite easy to set up. It is very user-friendly which is great as it can be used by anyone even those who are just beginners.  It also has a picture counter in the front that lets you know how many photos were already taken.

One great thing about the Wildview TK40 No-Glo camera is that you can choose between 30 and 40 LEDs. This is an excellent option because it allows you to control the amount of lights it puts off. As a result, you will be able to lengthen the battery life. This is useful especially at night.

A downside of this camera is that it has a slow recovery time. It will be difficult to take photos of movement especially when you are scouting a game. The camera will not be able to catch up to the speed of the movements of the animals, giving you blurry and out of focus pictures.

This camera is ideal for monitoring fields or food plots as this activity does not require a quick trigger time unlike game scouting. Overall, the Wildview TK40 No-Glo trail camera is a good choice for anyone who is on a limited budget. It comes with basic features, making it worth the price you pay. If you need a more advanced camera, you can check out other models with fancier options.

Here are the specifications of the product:

  • 8MP image resolution (2 settings 8MP and 5MP)
  • Full-color day pictures, black and white night pictures
  • photos stamped with date, time, moon phase and temperature info
  • HD video clips (15/30/60 seconds)
  • trigger speed less that 1 s
  • 40 no-glow IR LEDs flash with range up to 50 ft
  • LCD text screen for settings
  • Time-lapse mode
  • burst mode 1/3/6  shots per triggering
  • delay time range 20 seconds, or 1 / 5 / 10 minutes
  • powered by 8 AA batteries
  • SD card slot; supports SD memory card up to 32GB
  • integrated mounting strap
  • weatherproof casing
  • USB connection and 12V external power jack