Stealth Cam STC-P12 6.0 MP Review

StealthCamPTCP12-large-239x300The Stealth Cam STC-P12 6.0 MP is an old model, but it is an efficient and reliable one. When it was newly introduced, it was very innovative. Despite the many younger models being released every now and then, this camera can still compete in terms of features.

With a 50 ft. flash range, this scouting camera will be able to capture any activity going on in your area, giving assurance that you will not miss any movement from the subjects in vicinity. It also has an energy efficient design, making the battery last longer.

One great thing about this camera is its invisible flash. Unlike many other cameras with this feature, this model is not expensive. With this feature, you will be able to take photos of animals without scaring them away.

This model is equipped with a 6.0 MP camera resolution. This gives you high quality daytime pictures. You can also choose to bursts photos as well as select other customization settings to ensure that you will get great pictures of the game.

However, this camera has a few setbacks. One of them is a slow trigger time. This is a negative thing because the camera is not able to catch up to the speed of the animal’s movement. Because of this, the animal will most likely go out of frame or become blurry and out of focus.

Another issue of this camera is that the videos are not as clear as the photos. There may also be times when it will have a watercolour effect.

In conclusion, the Stealth Cam STC-P12 6.0 MP is a great option for anyone who is on a tight budget. If you are looking for a cheap camera with good features, then this camera is perfect for you.

Product Details

  • 6.0  Megapixel
  • Video recording 15 seconds
  • 12 IR Emitters / 50ft range
  • Quick Set
  • Burst Mode 1-6 images per triggering
  • 5-59 sec / 0- 59 min recovery time out
  • External LCD status display
  • Time / Date / Moon Phase
  • SD Card slot up to 32GB
  • Test Mode
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Mini USB output
  • Operates on 8 AA batteries or external 12V power jack