Scoutguard SG580MB Review

hco580LARGE-210x300A cellular camera is extremely valuable especially for security purposes. You can use this to keep track of the activities in your premises even if you are not physically present. You can immediately report anything suspicious and show the photos as evidence.

An excellent feature of the HCO Scoutguard 580 is its ability to send photos to multiple phones. This is great if you are in a group as you can share the pictures with your friends and colleagues.

One downside of this technology is that it may be complicated to set-up. This is because you have to activate the cellular network first in order to transmit the photos. It can give a little bit of a hassle as you may need to personally go to the SIM card shop to have the network activated.

Another drawback of this is the reception. There are some areas that may have a poor signal which may affect the speed of the transmission of the photos. You should also know that the photos sent to you may not be as high quality as the one that is stored in the SD card.

However, these are just minor setbacks. Once you are up and running, you will certainly enjoy the convenience of not having to go to the camera to check and view the photos. Pictures can be sent anywhere on the globe. You will surely save time, fuel, and energy. All in all, the HCO Scoutguard 580 MB is an excellent option for you especially if you are concerned with security.

Product Details:

  • 5 MP Resolution
  • Transmits pictures over cellular network (either by message or email)
  • Text or call notifications over cellular network
  • Blackout invisible IR flash
  • Quick trigger time
  • Build-in color display
  • Sound recording
  • Support up to 8G SD card
  • 34 High-Output infrared LEDs
  • Ultra low stand-by power consumption (<0.2Ah/month), extreme durable and convenient with AA batteries (>80days)
  • Temperature and moon phase stamp on the images