Primos Truth Cam 35 Review: The truth you need to know

Primos-T35-LG-150x150The Primos Truth Cam 35 is a trail camera that is a great option for those who are on a limited budget. Do not expect advanced features from this model though. It only has the basic functions to serve its primary purpose. This is just fair as you get the value of what you paid for.

This model has a 3 MP resolution camera. This number of resolution gets you decent photos. It is certainly good enough for you to identify the kinds of animals wandering in the area. As for the night photos, it tends to blur out. However, it is not that bad as you will still be able to determine the subject that was taken.

This camera is best used in an open field or area. It is lightweight and small, making it look like a mini camera. Because of this, you will be able to easily carry it around or hide in the trail. The battery life and storage is also pretty good with this model. It comes in a black reflective case that gives protection to the product.

Product Details

  • 3 MP Resolution
  • 35 Infrared LED
  • Nighttime flash range 40 feet
  • Photo stamp includes date, time, temp, and moon phase
  • Holds up to 8 GB SD card
  • Live screen preview for easy setup
  • Trigger speed is 1.5 seconds. (Only.3 sec’s when out of sleep mode)
  • Delay settings of 10 seconds, 1 min, 30 min

Pros and Cons

Setting up of this camera is relatively easy, unlike many other game cameras in the market. With this trail camera, you can just simply take it out of the box and have it taking pictures in just a matter of minutes. You do not need to spend hours studying a manual to figure out how it works.

The quality of the daytime photos is excellent, considering the price. It is even at par with those trail cameras over $100. The batteries last well especially if you set the camera in image mode instead of video mode. While it states that only 8GB memory cards are supported, there are users who claimed that they were able to use 16GB without any trouble.

However, this camera also has its fair share of disadvantages. As mentioned, night photos tend to be blurry. Photos also whiteout when camera is placed under heavy canopy It is also powered by 4D cell batteries and it needs USB reader for connection to some Apple laptops.

In conclusion, the Primos Truth Cam 35 lives up to its cost. For less than a hundred bucks, you can already get one for your own. It may not have special features, but it have the basic functions necessary for taking photos of the wild. Just play with the strengths of this camera to make the most out of it.