Cuddeback Long Range IR Model E2 Camera Review

CuddebackLongRangeIRModelE2largeThe Long Range IR Model ER camera is a new introduction from the trusted brand Cuddeback. It is another high quality camera available in the market, perfect for trail adventurers and enthusiasts. It is an extremely efficient tool that will certainly capture movement and speed of the wildlife.

This camera boasts of a fast trigger feature. The speed on the trigger of the Cuddeback is only a quarter of a second. With this swiftness, this camera can take two pictures before many other models can even take one. This makes it one of the fastest trail cameras available in the market today.

The fast trigger will enable you to shoot more pictures of the subject with fewer errors. The recovery is as quick as well, allowing you to quickly capture follow up shots.  It is also equipped with an option for a wide angle view for monitoring fields and a centered view for trails.

For the beginners, you may have difficulty setting this camera up. It may be a bit complicated especially for those who have no experience yet in this field. Another issue with this camera is that the lenses tend to get hazy or foggy when taken under poor environment conditions.

There were also some other complaints from the users, but they are usually errors from the clients themselves. You may need to keep on checking the manual in order to make extensive use out of this camera. If you are not technical savvy, you may opt for simpler models.

In conclusion, the Cuddleback Long Range IR Model ER camera is an excellent choice for scouting game and monitoring large properties. It has a fast trigger with a lightning speed that will cover any movement going on in the area. Plus, it comes at an affordable price which suits anyone even those who are on a limited budget.

Here are the products details of the Cuddeback Long Range IR Model E2 camera:

  • 20MP resolution for crystal-clear images
  • 1/4-second trigger speed
  • Compact micro housing
  • Wide view image capability
  • Takes up to 30-second videos with sound
  • Burst mode (1-5 images per detection)
  • Time-lapse mode
  • Day / night time operation
  • Wide view or centered view with zone control (excellent for the monitoring of food plots)