Carson ED 3D Binoculars Review: Are These Worth The Investment?

Carson is a popular American manufacturer of high end binoculars and other optics such as monoculars and microscopes; they really know their stuff! Their 3D series high definition binoculars with ED glass have a lot to live up to, so let’s take a closer look at them – will they do justice to the excellent reputation Carson have earned over the years?

Many people wonder if these ED 3D binos have night vision – something about the name or the design gets them wondering. They don’t, but they do perform well in low light. Whether you’re hunting or bird watching, I think you’ll be pleased with the crisp, bright images they offer, especially at dusk and dawn.

Objective Size and Magnification

You can get the Carson 3D ED in several different sizes and three colour choices, depending on what you’re planning on using them for. While the 10×42 is definitely a favourite, Carson Optics also offers 10x50mm, 8x32mm and 8x42mm options for different purposes.

You can also get the binoculars in black, grey and a Mossy Oak camofluage. While some people will choose colour based on a personal preference, others will like the option based on what they’re using them for and the type of setting they’ll be in. For example, hunters may prefer the Mossy Oak or even the black for night time.


Some companies may offer accessories to make their products more appealing when the truth is they’re lacking in some areas. Carson accessories, however, are a bonus on top of an already great product. With the 3D ED binoculars you’ll get a Bino Armor deluxe carrying case, a neck strap, shoulder harness and lens cloth; all vital tools that make a good product better. They’re well thought out and add value which could be up to an extra $100 if you went to buy them all separately.

In particular, the Bino Armor case is good enough quality that Carson could sell it separately. While some other brands of optics come with awkward or cheap cases that you can hardly imagine using, Carson have clearly put time and effort into creating something of value for their customers.

The neck strap is also quite comfortable, and won’t dig into you if you prefer to wear your binos that way. What’s more, you can even add on the shoulder harness to ensure you won’t drop your new Carson binoculars while you’re out hunting or exploring. However, with a rugged, shockproof design you won’t have to worry if you do stumble with these binoculars – they can stand up to a little wear and tear and a few knocks, making them handy on the campsite or while hiking or fishing.

Excellent Eye Relief

The Carson 3D Series binoculars come with extra long eye relief, which is especially useful for those who wear glasses. It comes in the form of their innovative Twist-Down eyecups, which are a fantastically useful feature.  Many binoculars have been difficult over the years for people with glasses to use, so it’s great that companies like Carson are creating features to better accommodate them.

These binoculars are easy to hold on to and comfortable to use. Best of all, the images they offer are premium quality thanks to the ED glass. Great clarity, colour accuracy and depth perception make the Carson 3D series idea for hunters and bird watchers alike.

Design Features

Not only are the ED 3D binoculars from Carson easy to use, they are also very comfortable and grippy. The texturing is just right, with thumb grooves ideally placed for average hands. If you have larger hands, there is a chance you might find the grooves slightly awkward, though. For a full sized pair of binoculars, you’ll be surprised to discover how light these are – just 1.4 lbs!

America’s Best Binocular Warranty

Carson claims that they offer the best binocular warranty in America, which is a pretty huge statement considering the way several companies are known to back their optics up. However, it is pretty difficult to find fault with Carson’s warranty. Their no fault, no hassle guarantee means you can have your binocs replaced or repaired free of charge regardless of how they get damaged. That’s excellent!

In fact, if you’re considering these or another brand’s binoculars, the excellent warranty and customer service may be enough to win you over, as you won’t have to jump through hoops to have a problem made right. While Carson optics are well made and not terribly likely to fall apart on you, they will take a few knocks given the nature of them being used outdoors and inclement weather and for various activities. In the event something does go wrong, it’s good to know it’ll be looked after.

Carson really are a breath of fresh air with their approach to customer service and the way they stand behind their products.

What’s Not to Like?

These Carson 3D ED binoculars are great, but I feel that they could have made them outstanding by including Carson-branded lens covers. Though a relatively small addition to the package, they would have perfectly rounded out the accessories offering.

Also, while the twist up eye cups provide great relief for those wearing glasses, incremental adjustments would have made them even better. However, these are relatively small complaints about an otherwise quality product.

The Carson 3D Series High Definition Binoculars with ED Glass will cost you upwards of $410 recommended retail price, which is pretty standard for a set of field glasses of this calibre. You can likely even find them a bit cheaper on Amazon.

A smart and solid buy at $400, if you find them below $300 they’re an absolute steal of a deal. You simply aren’t going to find binoculars with ED glass close to that price point, much less with similar high quality accessories. I don’t reckon you’ll be sorry purchasing these binos and with such a good warranty, what do you have to lose.