Bresser 6X21 Junior Binoculars for Kids Review

 bresser-6x21-junior-binocularsSelecting a pair of binoculars for your kids depends on their ages and how interested they are in activities that involved the use of it.

For those older ones, you can opt for a regular model that does everything that is intended for binoculars to do. However, it is a different case for younger ones as many of them use it as toys. Because of this, many kids’ binoculars are only really useful for pretending to use them. Fortunately, there are some models designed for kids that are fully functional and works really well.

Bresser 6X21 Junior Compact Binoculars is a model specifically created for kids, but is also serviceable. It has a color combination of bright blue and green. It may look toy like to an adult, but it surely is very aesthetically appealing to kids.

This pair of binoculars is equipped with a rubber armor which makes it comfortable to hold. It also protects the unit from bumps and drops that is inevitable especially when it is used by kids.


This particular model makes use of Bk-7 prisms. This type is typically used in lower priced binoculars, understandable for a kid’s binoculars. The optics is fully coated optical system, which is a good feature.

While this pair of binoculars may not be the brightest or clearest compact binoculars that are available in the market, it is not that bad. If you compare them to other benchmark compacts, you could see that there is not too much of a difference in brightness. In the same way, the clarity of the image is impressive.

However, one slight drawback of this model in terms of optics is the colour fringing and sharpness of the image at the very edge of the view.

6x Magnification

bresser-6x21-kids-binocularsIt has become a common assumption that the higher the magnification, the better the binoculars. Those who have this notion may be turned off by this model. You should not be. Binoculars with 6x magnification are suitable for children because it easier to keep it steady.

Powerful magnifications, like those ones with 10x capability, are great, but they come with a drawback. The higher the magnification, the more difficult it is to keep the image still. As a result, you will not be able to get a good steady view of what you are looking at.

Another down side to higher magnifications is that generally the more powerful the magnification, the less bright the image produced will be. Image quality is important to help your kids see the view more clearly.

With the Bresser 6X21 Junior Compact Binoculars, kids will be able to see a great view of the subject they are watching. The 6x magnification of this pair will give them better handle of the unit and, in turn, keep the image steady and still.

Field of View

These binoculars have a field of view of 120m at 1000m. This is fairly good, especially if you compare them to most compacts that have an 8x magnification. The only slight issue with this is that you would probably expect more considering their magnification of 6x.


This pair of binoculars has really smooth focusing. It comes with a dial that only takes one complete revolution to go from near focus to infinity. With this, your kid will be able to quickly and easily zoom in and out quickly.

The diopter adjustment is located on the right barrel of the binocular, similar with most of the regular binoculars in the market. This feature allows you to adjust the lenses separately to allow for differences in each of your eyes. It plays an important part in correctly focusing your binoculars.

In conclusion, the Bresser 6X21 Junior Compact Binoculars are highly suitable for kids and children. They are extremely light and compact. This makes it very ideal for kids as they will not get tired easily when carrying this around. This model is definitely more than just a toy and you will not worry about having to spend much as it comes at a very low cost.

With these binoculars, you also get a great little matching carry case, lens cleaning cloth and wrist type strap. Bresser is so confident that these little units can take whatever kids can throw at them that they come with an impressive five-year guarantee.